Timer Trigger

Download Timer Trigger to improve your shooting skills under time pressure. A random time will be generated between the ready signal and start signal (configurable). This way a realistic and different experience will be generated each time!

Key features:
+ One tap starts it.
+ Create multiple timer events
+ Extremely easy to use
+ Handy, clean interface
+ One-tap functionality
+ Stays on foreground while running
+ Easy access start buttons
+ Able to name your timer event
+ Set the time after which the event is allow to start
+ Set the minimum time after which the ready signal sounds
+ Set the maximum time after which the ready signal sounds
+ Set the time for the event after the whistle start signal
+ Auto save functionality
+ The last whistle sounds during the last second
+ Able to hear the whistle sound continuously from start whistle till end
+ Choose between whistle or beep sound
+ Able to set the number of times to have the event repeated
+ Able to start event in detail or in main screen
+ A circular progress bar prevents accidental starting of a new event


To hear the whistle or beep make sure your mute switch is set to OFF. It is advisable to wear in-ear headphones combined with earmuffs or use bluetooth earmuffs to protect your hearing and to be able to hear the sounds as well.